Sunday, May 29, 2011

soft orange cake

I used to think that deserts were all about chocolate… maybe ice cream as well. Oranges no. They were out of the question. Until my mom’s friend brought over her famous soft orange cake and I decided to give it a go. That was it. I am telling you, you haven’t had so much fun with oranges before. It is almost like a cake – pudding, undescibably thick taste, yet fresh in its own orange-y way. So this is officially my farewell to winter and its fruit. From now own I am expecting lighter deserts, a whole bunch of other fruit and products. Bye bye rainy days. enjoy! xx*

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

mom's strawberry jam

As I promised, here is my mom’s famous strawberry jam. In fact it is really easy and super simple, but I think that is why it is so delicious. Lots of people add lemons or even vanilla to their jams, but not my mom. She wants it clean and simple. And in fact, whenever people taste it, they ask for a jar to take home! I hope you like it, and make the best of the last strawberries of the season! enjoy! xx*

Thursday, May 12, 2011

blueberry jam pie

I will not say i have been totally lazy lately. I will instead cover it all up and say I have been extremely busy, wich is partially true. Maybe I have been avoiding the sugar factor all together, because I can hear the waves on the beach and I can almost feel the sun burning my skin… summer is just around the corner. Oh yes, I am being optimistic, despite the bad weather and the rain. So, I suppose you all are in the same mood as I and I recomend the lazyest, but super tasty blueberry jam pie. By the way, in Greek it is called pasta flora, which literally means flora pie (flora is a greek female name). Anyways, coming up, I have my mom making strawberry pie! She is a pro at it and she doesn’t yet know that she will be a guest chef on my blog!  enjoy xx*